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TEGOX would like to inform our customers and partners that we will take a short-holiday due to New Year 2021.

Our office will be closed during this time. We are sorry for any inconvenience caused due to this holiday closure.

Holiday Time

From Friday


To Sunday


We will resume normal business hours on Monday, 04-01-2021


Founded in 2019, TEGOX has a well-invested infrastructure, together with a creative, dynamic team, who shares one goal: to create long-term values for customers in agriculture sector. 

Mission: Building customers' trust in Vietnamese agriculture additives through providing a set of qualified, time and cost-effective solutions.

Vision: To become a trustworthy partner for domestic customers and further international markets.

Slogan: Tech to solve. Going high-technology to solve customer's needs.





Our Name

T- Technology. Including:

  1. Tools, machines, equipment, and raw materials (Hardware). The development of high technology can greatly contribute to the organization, coordination as well as management of the company.
  2. People (Software) - cooperate effectively with others can provide distinct benefits as well as increase productivity and performance. 

E - Ecosystem & Experts: TEGOX is a place where highly specialized people can work and share ideas to build linkage for personal & corporate development.

GO - Go Vietnam: Enter into fruitful relations with domestic and foreign partnerships full of energy and enthusiasm in order to increase customer values.

X -  X factor: In any of our solutions hide a mystery element that makes out outstanding results.


VFI 7-6, B219A-B219B Lot, Street C, Thai Hoa Industrial Park, Duc Lap Ha Commune, Duc Hoa Dist., Long An Province


+84 272 249 6345